GreenWorld System is a new model of green entrepreneurship. Registered as a BVI company under the name of GreenWorld Holding, it serves as an open and global platform of green resources for a range of individuals and organizations. These include thinkers and scientists, educators and activists, think-tanks and research institutions, NGOs and civil society, SMEs and corporations, and will enable them to join hands for the common purpose of contributing to address Climate Change and other multiple crises humanity is facing.

GreenWorld System is a catalyst player for the promotion of a Green Economy and a low-carbon society, with the vocation to expand its national coverage in Vietnam with membership in all 64 provinces and municipalities. Regionally, GreenWorld System follows the ASEAN Connectivity Master-Plan to initiate green synergies with partners in all 10 member economies of the ASEAN Community, contributing to greening businesses and markets of some 580 millions people. In a growingly borderless marketplace, GreenWorld System is joining the new Arc of CommonWealth of the East Asian Free Trade Area of over 2 billion consumers, spanning North East Asia (Japan, Korea, China) down to New Zealand and Australia.