Green Vision

GreenWorld System is committed to the protection of Planet Earth in germinating its ecosystem services and products, to the betterment of humanity in nurturing the creative capabilities of peoples and communities, to the creation and spread of common wealth in developing the green economy.

Green Mission

To meet Green objectives Planet, People and Profit of Enterprises of the Future in the Green Economy, GreenWorld System has the ambition to emerge as the lead player in motivating the spirit of green entrepreneurship. We germinate, incubate and catalyse flagship projects to support a green growth strategy, clustering the greening of businesses and markets. We raise, develop and design investment funds as the main drivers of the new economy. Under the motto: “Thinking Green, Going Clean and Living Cool”, we are dedicated to the building of a sharing and caring global community, in harmony with mother Nature, with peoples and nations being in peace with each other, and bound together in shared destiny and shared future. We build Tomorrow Today. The Green Choice is now – rise up natural power’.