Mr. Thai Quang Trung

Chairman GreenWorld Holding

For many years, GWS has been a germinating Green Resources Network that grows along with the maturation of think-tank institutions, civil society organizations and social enterprises within the ASEAN Community, until Thai Quang Trung formally established GWS in 2009 as a BVI registered entity for global access. His regional experience in the business of bridging people and planning humanities has resulted in multiple cooperation efforts for the sole purpose of making the world a better place to live in. Thai Quang Trung’s think-tank and leadership capacity building activities in the region, and in Vietnam in particular, were initiated in the mid of 80s when he joined the Hanns Seidel Foundation of Bavaria (Germany) as its regional program coordinator, with over 25 years of resources networking with regional institutions, including the ASEAN Secretariat and UNEP/ROAP, ADB, World Bank Institute, Asia-Europe Foundation. He was member of the Steering Committee of the Asia-Europe Environment Forum, a platform that has significantly contributed to the greening of the ASEM synergy. In Vietnam, for over 20 years, Thai Quang Trung has developed institutional and capacity building projects on management of transitional economy, environmental law and policy, bio-diversity and heritage conservation, education for sustainable development, regional and international economic integration, climate change, green economy and green growth (GEGG).

Thai Quang Trung was trained as an archeologist at the Institute of Art and Archeology (Sorbonne University). He graduated from the Institute of Political Studies (Science-Po Paris), was a Rockefeller scholar at the Graduate Institute of International Advanced Studies (Geneva), before joining the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS – Singapore). Along with M. Rajarethnam, Thai Quang Trung is the co-founder of the Asian Dialogue Society (ADS), a pan-Asian resources network devoted to Building a Better Asia (BABA) through dialogue. The first Dialogue platform was ASEAN-Vietnam Interaction for Progress, a four-year dialogue process (1991-1994) supported by CIDA (Canada), which has significantly contributed to bridge the gap between ASEAN and Vietnam and shorten the road from confrontation to membership. A recently published book, “One Southeast-Asia: Shared Destiny and Shared Future”, records the proceedings of this dialogue process. Faithful to his well-know motto: “Thinking Green, Going Clean and Living Cool”, Thai Quang Trung is now devoting his energy to the implementation of the “Trans-Asia Green Corridor” concept, an initiative supported by India-Japan Global Partnership.

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Long

CEO GreenWorld Holding

Co-founder of GreenWorld System in 2009, Nguyen Hoang Long is a pioneer in green entrepreneurship with a record performance of bringing under the umbrella of GWS a growing number of green businesses in many provinces and municipalities of Vietnam. His well-established line of expertise is greening building, landscaping for urban ecology, and designing water plan in green estates with a view to enhancing quality of living, working, learning and playing. Nguyen Hoang Long is an advocate of the concept 3G (Global Green Gateway) in order to connect Vietnam, the region with global resources for sustainable development, low carbon society and creative communities.


Mr. Ambassador Lal Kurukulasuriya

Honorary Chairman Scientific Board GreenWorld System

Ambassador Priyalal Harishchandra Kurukulasuriya has served as Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Sweden and other Nordic countries (1982-87). A pioneer specialist in environmental law, he joined the United Nations Environment Program in 1990 as chief UNEP Environmental Law Program; Chief, Regional Environmental Law and Policy in the Asia-Pacific; Director General, Center for Environmental Research, Training and Information, Senior Legal Advisor, Secretariat of the UN Convention on Climate Change.

Mr. Thai Quang Chau

Board Member

Thai Quang Chau is an Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) engineer by training with 15 years of Paris-based innovative performance in the business of Total Information Management System, applied to sophisticated platforms, such as banks, hospitals, multi-nationals and off shore oil-rig platforms. He has served as senior IT consultants to major French consortium, such as Total, with assignments in Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. For the last 12 years, Thai Quang Chau has developed an extensive network of businesses in Vietnam and within the ASEAN regional for the purpose of promoting “green estate” from concept design to product branding and marketing.


Mr. Senaynat Saly

Project Manager

In Vietnam
From 10/2010 – today :
– Consultant for CMSK CO. (Consulting Marketing Solutions Korea) on business opportunities in Vietnam and Cambodia.
– Coordinator with financial specialists in Europe for funding specific projects in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.
– Consultant in Investment for European companies involving in sustainable development and green technology which intent to focus in ASEAN and particularly Vietnam.
– Coordinator with the Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine, French, to set up a platform with Vietnamese Universities regarding the green education.
In France
06/1992 – 04/1994 : Deputy Financial Manager, EURINVAL INDUSTRIE CO.
09/1978 – 12/1989 : Accounting and Controlling in different companies.


Mr. Monty Tejam

CEO of FOF – Member of the Board

Monty Tejam is the founding Principal of FOF in Singapore in 2008. He is internationally known and developed a reputation for inspiring and sustainable designs and planning of a range of very challenging projects winning several prizes as a result. Monty is primarily interested in planning and architecture that address specific needs of clients and positively contribute to the environment.

Monty worked for multi-national companies in his early years and was a consultant architect to multinational firms in his later years working in diverse projects such as the Palm Jebel Ali, Dubai Waterfront, Meydan City, the BIRD, etc in diverse places in Asia, the Middle East and America. Many of Monty’s projects have received international recognition and fame. His ambition is to leverage the powerful engine of FOF to produce projects that push design to the highest level of beauty, identity and sustainability.


Mr. Sylvain Merille

CEO of G2M – Member of the Board

In France
1984 – 1987 : Technical Director of SIRBAIN AVIATION
1987 – 1991 : Communication / PR Manager of ARCACHON CITY HALL
1992 – 1995 : Technical & Production Director of NEW YORK CONVENTION CENTER
1992 – 2000 : Event Director of DISNEYLAND PARIS
2001 – 2009 : Event Director (IBM, Bordeaux Celebrates Wine, Tour de France)
In Vietnam 
2009 – 2011 : CEO of Green World Marketing & Media.


Ms. Nguyen Thi Tho


From 1980-1996 : Working at the Institute of Strategic Research and Policies for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment 
From 1996-2002 : Deputy Head of Foreign Affairs at the Vietnam Environment Administration 
From 1997-2002 : National coordinator of Vietnam-Canada Environment Programme 
From 2002-2007 : Working at Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. National coordinator of Vietnam-Denmark Environment Programme for 2005-2010 
From 2007-2009 : Vietnam’s agent in UN Environment Programme 
From 2010 – today : Working in the Response to Climate Change Programme – Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.



Ms. Ha Bich Lien


Ha Bich Lien is a PhD specialist in Southeast Asian culture and arts, lecturing at the University of Pedagogy of Ho Chi Minh City. As designer and coordinator of various education reform projects initiated by the Government, Ha Bich Lien has developed extensive cooperation linkages with European, Australian and US universities. She is a writer and editor of the Evo-Heritage collection under “Education Publishing House”, with an award-winning book on “Healing Gardens: The Spa Culture of Vietnamese People”. She is also a resource person in eco-cultural tourism, with a contribution to the Tourism Mater Plan of Thua Thien Hue province to her credit.



Mr. Nguyen Nhu Duc

Member of the Board

2007 – 2008 : Technical Director of Green World Landscaping 
2008 – 2010 : Director of Vietnam Intelipool
2010 – today : General Director of Green World Trading

Participate in the activities of the company’s Green World from 2005, Mr. Nguyen Nhu Duc has made a lot of positive contributions in the development of the Green World system, and have a close connection with other member from Green World Vietnam’s system to contribute to the growing system and solid.