Organization chart of Green World System

GreenWorld System (GWS) is committed to developing linkages with regional institutions of the United Nations family, such as UNESCAP and UNEP-ROAP with a view to supporting and joining the various capacity building programmes as initiated by the Green Economy initiative and the Green Growth Path. Sharing knowledge in green economics and best practices in Green Growth is the most urgent task for public awareness and engagement, as well as for policy-planning for sustainability. In this regard, Green Magazine serves as a platform for exchange of experiences among think-tanks, NGOS and businesses in the economies of the East Asian Community. GWS is also connecting with well-established CSOs, which are at the forefront of the pan-regional green governance network, such as Asia-Europe Foundation, Institute of Global Environmental Studies (Japan), Save Our Planet Foundation (Singapore), KEHATI (Indonesia) and Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (Malaysia).

A Scientific Advisory Council has been set up to provide guidance on matters related to Climate Change and the shift toward a green growth strategy for businesses, in particular SMEs. GreenWorld incubator develops green initiatives, linking like-minded institutions within the ASEAN Community and beyond.GWS attaches a special importance to national and international media networks, including digital and television networks, with a view to advocating sustainable patterns of consumption and production and green lifestyle (SCP). Green education for sustainable development has become vital for the green future, as well as trust and capacity building through networking, focusing on law enforcement and compliance.

Organization chart of Vietnam Green World

GreenWorld Vietnam (GW VN), a network of companies operating in a green resources platform, covering all the major provinces and municipalities of Vietnam, with a view to promote the shift toward the green economy. GreenWorld closely cooperates with the Institute of Strategy and Policy on Natural Resources and Environment (ISPONRE). With the support of the central government and the endorsement of local administrations for a national green growth strategy, GW VN is playing the catalyst role in promoting green entrepreneurship among small and medium enterprises. From Bac Giang to Ca Mau, many local companies have joined GW VN and the number is growing fast, reflecting the aspirations of SME to contribute to sustainable development through green businesses. Professional firms in the service sector are also joining GreenWorld platform as well.Significantly, GW VN includes the priority areas of greening business, such as Soil Management, Forestry and Agriculture; Landscaping and Green buildings; Clean transportation; Water management; Waste management. Of importance, education and training institutions, such as the Technical College of Agriculture and Forestry of Southern Vietnam, are also joining GW VN to initiate joint capacity building

projects for sustainability. Green Incubators for flagship projects are gaining currency in many provinces, as they now realize the strategic assets of the agriculture of Vietnam in the age of food security crisis. In order to address the challenges of Climate Change, GW VN is also developing a Green Plan for a few provinces, which want to develop an edge in the surge toward the Green Economy.Besides, GW VN is launching a Green Magazine, in both print and electronic forms published under the sponsorship of Vietnam Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) to serve as a common platform for thinkers and public opinion leaders, policy-planners and civil society to voice their ecoaspirations. Public awareness and participation are most crucial for the shift towards the green economy. Green Magazine is playing its catalyst role in the spreading of green knowledge, sustainaible patterns of consumption and production and cool lifestyle. Green Magazine is published in both Vietnamese and English versions, making it a trans-border media for greening the world.