La Fondation du Future is registered both in Singapore and in BVI to serve as an umbrella network institution for well-established experts in diverse professions to join efforts to undertake common projects of scale, which call for integrated multi-discipline approach. As its name implies, FOF is engaged in futurology or the art of forecasting emerging trends and building scenarios, master-planning and design in the various fields of habitat, holistic branding and clustering strategy, eco-cultural destinations, physical and academic for universities and education institutions.

FOF is also registered in Singapore as an Architectural Design and Planning firm, with record performances of projects within the ASEAN regional. With its architects and planners of rich diverse background from the region, FOF has a combined experience of 50 years in architecture, urban planning, environmental sciences, ecological design, landscape architecture, engineering, interior design, heritage conservation and project management, branding and destination promotion. FOF is currently undertaking various projects in Vietnam and within the ASEAN region.

FOF is affiliated with GreenWorld System, as the lead partner in the design of flagship projects in Vietnam. FOF pool of multi-discipline expertise is contributing to the sharing of know-how with the local design community, with capacity training in green design and sustainable planning, green-building and eco-innovation. FOF has been awarded various flagship projects – such as the Master-Plan of Phu Quoc Island, undertaken in cooperation with WATG, the US premier design which has done the Master-Plan of Hawai over 60 years ago.