Nam Bo Technology and Forestry Vocational College & Green World System

Nam Bo Technology and Forestry Vocational College is directly under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Our academic education and training are governed by the state management of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs. We are granted with State policies and regulations for vocational college system.

Nam Bo Technology and Forestry Vocational College is a trainer with financial collections, entity rights, private chop (and embossed chop), accounts in the State Treasury and banks to operate and conduct transactions under Legal regulations.

Headquarter: Binh An commune, Di An district, Binh Duong province.

We have trained and produced over 15,000 skilled workers on long courses and over 20,000 technicians on short courses to a variety of economic units.

Most of our undergraduates earn a stable career. Many of our students earn high ranks in provincial and industrial competitions for excellent practices.

College courses
• Forest biology
• Carpenter
• Industrial electrician
• Corporate accounting,…


Vocational courses
• Forest biology
• Gardening and decorative plants
• Industrial plantation
• Industrial electrician,…

Short job courses:
• Wood processing
• Forest biology
• Urban Forestry
• Crane Truck Driving,…